How to Open Bot Builder

You can open the Bot Builder application directly from the Kore Desktop app for Windows or Mac, or the Desktop web browser, on the User menu. To open the User menu, click the Expand  icon to the right of your user name, and then click Launch Bot Builder as shown in the following illustration. For more information about downloading the Kore app, see Get App.

Note: Only users with paid individual accounts, and users that are members of a space or company currently enrolled in a Kore Premium plan can deploy Bots created in Bot Builder to other users.

When you open Bot Builder for the first time, the Kore Bot Builder Welcome page is displayed and you can begin to develop new Bots. To get started, click the Create a new Bot  icon as shown in the following illustration.

To define a new alert task or action task, you must first select or create a new Bot. The Bot is a website, web application, or any system that can act as a source for alert tasks and a destination for action tasks. For more information, see Creating a New Bot.

After you create one or more Bots, the Bots are displayed on the YOUR BOTS section when you open Bot Builder as shown in the following illustration.

Next Steps

You can select an existing Bot and then add an alert task, action task, or flow. For more information, see see About Alert Tasks and About Action Tasks.

If desired, you can just modify an existing Bot, for example, to update the Bot Description field, or change the Bot icon. For more information, see Editing an Existing Bot.